Legal Update

In Federal case number 2:11-cv-02797,  Dr. Aoki and ADRI vs Gregory Ford Gilbert, Trina Health, Bionica, Inc, et al,  a Stipulation, Consent Judgment and Permanent Injunction  was granted in favor of the Plaintiffs as to certain named Defendants involved with a clinic that had been located in Hayward, … Continue reading →

Legal Update

Dr. Aoki and  ADRI  continue to vigorously pursue  the patent infringement action filed in 2011 against Gregory Ford Gilbert, Trina Health, Bionica Inc, and many others supposedly licensed by Mr. Gilbert and or his companies – US District Court, Eastern District of California,  case … Continue reading →

Ongoing Lawsuit

One year ago,  on Oct 24, 2011,  ADRI and Dr. Aoki filed suit in Federal Court in Sacramento against Gregory Ford Gilbert and several companies and individuals associated with Mr. Gilbert.  The suit seeks relief for nine causes of action, … Continue reading →

Medicare National Payment Decision

 In December of last year, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) published their Final Decision regarding outpatient intravenous insulin therapy.  They decided there was not sufficient evidence that the therapy improves health outcomes in Medicare beneficiaries and they made … Continue reading →

Lawsuit Ends

Three years ago, a lawsuit was filed in the Second Judicial District Court of Nevada against ADRI and others by Trinity Healthcare Systems, LLC.  In  September of this year, Trinity Healthcare Systems dropped all claims against ADRI.

Medicare Appeals Rejected

This past year there were twelve Medicare Appeals Hearings seeking Medicare payment for MAT treatments provided by ADRI.  Each hearing involved several different Appeals, making  a total of 81 Appeals.  Administrative Law Judges (ALJs) in each of these Appeals ruled that Medicare is … Continue reading →

Case Dismissed

The Sacramento County Superior Court dismissed a lawsuit brought by Gregory F. Gilbert against two members of the ADRI Board of Directors.  Mr. Gilbert was removed from any office or affiliation with ADRI several months prior to his filing of this … Continue reading →