The Aoki Diabetes Research Institute (ADRI), along with several others, has been named as a defendant in two lawsuits filed in August, 2003. Metabolic Treatment Centers, Inc., a Nevada corporation (MTC), brought suit to enforce rights MTC claims it obtained to market licenses for use of the chronic intermittent intravenous insulin therapy (CIIIT, also called “metabolic activation therapy”). MTC claims it obtained these rights from Metabolic Industries, Inc., another Nevada corporation.

In a separate lawsuit, Trinity Healthcare, LLC, a Nevada limited liability corporation, claims its license to provide metabolic activation therapy in Reno and elsewhere was unfairly revoked by Metabolic Industries. ADRI was also named as a defendant in this lawsuit.

In both cases, ADRI strongly disagrees with the allegations concerning ADRI and plans a vigorous defense. ADRI cannot comment on any details of litigation. All questions are being referred to attorney Mark Gunderson of Reno, Nevada, who is representing ADRI in the litigation proceedings. ADRI expects a favorable outcome in both these matters.

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