The Aoki Diabetes Research Institute (ADRI) has learned that several persons are falsely claiming they have rights to the chronic intermittent intravenous insulin therapy also known as metabolic activation therapy (MAT). These persons are improperly seeking to sell licenses for the use of MAT. This is of grave concern to ADRI because of the danger to patients. The following persons have been identified as attempting to sell or license MAT:  Gregory F. Gilbert, John Duffell III, Max McCombs, Melanie Kunz, and various of their associates. In addition to lacking the right to use or license the use of MAT, none of these individuals is trained in the use of MAT and none of them is authorized to train others in its use. You should be extremely cautious if you are approached by any of these individuals.

You should also be extremely cautious if you are approached by representatives of any of the following companies: Hamilton-May Corporation, Bionica Inc., North American Diabetic Solutions, Inc., Metabolic Treatment Centers, Inc., Inpulse Metabolic Treatment Centers, DocRockHealth, Access Metabolic Inpulse Center, or Access Health Solutions. None of these companies has rights to use MAT or to license its use to others.

ADRI also understands that persons in Utah, Idaho, Texas and Puerto Rico are presently claiming to own rights to use MAT or to license its use. Dr. Gollapudi in Midland Texas, is the only person who is licensed to provide MAT in Texas. No one else is presently licensed to offer MAT or marketing rights to MAT in Utah, Idaho, Texas or Puerto Rico.

Dr. Thomas T. Aoki is the sole owner of all U.S. Patents for MAT. No other person shares in the ownership of these patents. Metabolic Industries (MI) and ADRI are the only entities that may license these patents at the present time. Anyone wishing to use the patented MAT procedure must obtain rights from either MI or ADRI.

MAT is an advanced medical treatment that requires a physician’s prescription and physician supervision of the procedure. MAT must be adjusted by the treating physician to levels that are appropriate for each individual patient and the patient’s other diabetic therapy may require adjustment in concert with MAT. This therapy is not an over-the-counter health aid. State laws do not allow chiropractors or chiropractic physicians to administer MAT. The administration of MAT by improperly trained individuals not only falls below the minimum level of good patient care, but also places patient lives at risk. Anyone attempting to use MAT without a proper license and suitable training will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Persons who market or provide MAT without permission, or who improperly represent that they are qualified to train others in this therapy, face serious criminal and civil charges. Anyone who believes that they have been defrauded with regard to this therapy should contact the Attorney General in their state and also contact ADRI’s attorney Mark Gunderson in Reno, Nevada for further information.

Patients with diabetes or others interested in locating a licensed provider of this therapy, can check with either ADRI or Mr. Gunderson to determine if a particular clinic is authorized to use MAT. The telephone number for ADRI is (916) 455-2374. The telephone number for Mr. Gunderson is (775) 829-1222

Anyone who is aware of persons claiming to offer MAT for diabetic patients in a location other than those listed in Locations should contact ADRI or Mr. Gunderson as soon as possible. ADRI is requesting assistance from the public to alert patients to the dangers involved if MAT is provided by untrained and unlicensed persons. ADRI is concerned that any inappropriate use of MAT be stopped before a patient is harmed.

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