ADRI has received reports that CIIIT, also called metabolic activation therapy (MAT), is being offered in some states by persons not adequately trained or licensed to do so.

Currently, only a limited number of locations are licensed to offer the CIIIT therapy in the United States. No site is presently licensed to do so outside the U.S. CIIIT should only be administered under the supervision of a physician who is specifically trained in the application of this therapy. If it is not properly administered, IV insulin may cause death or severe injury to the patient. In addition, because the CIIIT therapy process is protected by U.S. patent laws, anyone using it must have a license for its use or application from either Metabolic Industries, Inc. or ADRI.

Anyone who provides or attempts to provide CIII without a license or other authority from either Metabolic Industries, Inc. or ADRI may face civil and/or criminal charges.

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