Aoki Diabetes Research Institute (ADRI) was founded in 1986 by Thomas T. Aoki, M.D.,  to further research efforts in the areas of diabetes and metabolism.    Located in Sacramento, CA, ADRI is an  independent non-profit  organization.


Research conducted by ADRI has included basic science laboratory investigations and also studies of clinical outcomes.    Much of ADRI’s research relates to a type of  intravenous insulin therapy called metabolic activation therapy  or  MAT ® treatment.  ADRI has also offered specialized chemistry laboratory testing, diagnostic testing for osteoporosis,  and is often a collaborator in multi-site clinical trials of pharmaceuticals.   ADRI is supported by grants and donations. The fund raising efforts by patients, families, staff and friends continue to inspire, encourage, and sustain ADRI.   

Clinical Treatment

For over twenty years ADRI has also provided MAT®  treatments for patients who are not enrolled in research studies.  Patients are referred to ADRI for MAT®   treatments when they have progressive diabetic complications despite intensive therapy.  Patients from all over Northern California and Nevada have benefited  from this treatment program, frequently staying with the program for years.   

Many insurance companies, including Medicare, currently refuse to pay for metabolic activation therapy despite improvements in the patient’s health status while on this therapy.  In many patients,  MAT®  treatments can save medical costs by reducing hospitalizations and can reduce employer’s costs due to time lost from work. Generous donations to ADRI over the years have made it possible for many patients to receive treatment at ADRI despite their insurance company’s refusal to pay.