Patient Stories

Over 125 people have been successfully treated with MAT®  treatment (metabolic activation therapy) in Sacramento, California over the past 25 years. As part of a chronic treatment plan for diabetes many patients have come one-day-a-week for 10 years or more, and several patients have been treated for 24 years.  

Clinical improvements in diabetic complications and energy level are seen over the first several months of  weekly MAT®  treatments but further improvement occurs throughout the next several years. Continued weekly treatments are required to maintain these improvements and prevent new diabetic complications.  

 A 65 year old woman with Type I diabetes for 50 years was afraid to go to sleep because of severe hypoglycemic attacks and terrible nightmares despite taking 4 shots of insulin per day and careful attention to diet. Her problems with hypoglycemia (and in turn, the terrible nightmares) disappeared while on weekly MAT®  treatments in addition to her usual 4 insulin shots per day.

A woman with severe Type I diabetes and chronic diabetic kidney disease and anemia complained of feeling very tired all the time. On MAT®  treatment she suddenly found enough energy to take up dancing despite remaining anemic.

A 47-year-old diabetic woman with severe dilated cardiomyopathy was awaiting heart transplant. After the addition of MAT®  treatment to her diabetes treatment plan,  her ejection fraction (cardiac function) improved to >30 percent and she no longer needed a heart transplant. She took up walking 3 to 4 miles a day and eight years later continued to do well.

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