MAT®  Treatment Results

After 6 weeks to 3 months of weekly MAT ®  treatments (metabolic activation therapy), patients report improvement in blood glucose control including reduced number of hypoglycemic episodes. Patients also note higher energy levels, and improved wound healing.

After 3 to 12 months of therapy, many patients report improvement in peripheral neuropathy and stabilization of diabetic complications of the eye, kidney, and heart. These responses are documented by their physician specialists. If the patient continues on the  weekly MAT® treatments indefinitely, the improvement or stabilization of the complications persists over many years.


Published Benefits – seen in patients with severe diabetes:

  1. Restores hypoglycemia awareness.
  2. Decreases episodes of severe hypoglycemia by approximately 98 percent.
  3. Slows the progression of diabetic kidney disease.
  4. Lowers high blood pressure in diabetic patients.
  5. Eliminates dizziness/ blackouts due to orthostatic hypotension.
  6. Patients “have more energy”
  7. Improves blood glucose control.
  8. Reduces the severity of swings in blood glucose levels in patients with “brittle” diabetes.


Additional benefits seen in patients with severe diabetes but not yet reported in the scientific literature:

  1. Improves peripheral neuropathy
  2. Improves gastroparesis
  3. Accelerates wound healing.
  4. Improves heart metabolism.
  5. Stabilizes diabetic retinopathy.