The Second Judicial Court, in Reno, Nevada recently ruled in favor of ADRI, Metabolic Industries (MI), and Advanced Diabetes Treatment Centers (ADTC) in a hearing to protect their proprietary rights to the metabolic activation therapy (MAT) process. On July 2, 2004, the Court granted an injunction against Metabolic Treatment Centers (MTC), concluding that “MTC is not entitled to the sublicensing, marketing, manufacturing or promotional rights” to MAT.

ADRI understands that several clinics were recently established in Utah, Montana, Arizona, and Texas where the operators were assured by agents of MTC that they may administer MAT under licenses from MTC. The Court’s order provides these clinics cannot offer MAT unless they and MTC satisfy specific requirements imposed by the court. At present, ADRI understands these requirements have not been satisfied.

Anyone who is receiving MAT treatments should immediately confirm whether their clinic is authorized to administer MAT. Any clinic operator who is administering MAT under a license that was granted by or through MTC should immediately have their attorney contact ADRI’s Reno attorney, Mark Gunderson. Mr. Gunderson’s telephone number is (775) 829-1222.

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