ADRI has just learned that an unauthorized clinic in Montana is claiming to be qualified to provide metabolic activation therapy (MAT), the diabetes treatment whose scientific name is chronic intermittent intravenous insulin therapy (CIIIT). ADRI seeks to warn the public. No clinic or person in Montana is currently licensed to use or administer metabolic activation therapy. Unauthorized clinics are attempting to open in other states as well. Please check the list of authorized CIIIT (MAT) Locations. If a metabolic activation therapy clinic isn’t on the list, it is not authorized. Being unauthorized is a serious problem. Anyone opening an unauthorized clinic has not been trained in the proper administration of this therapy, and this lack of training could place a patient’s life at risk.

Metabolic activation therapy (CIIIT) was invented and patented by Dr. Thomas T. Aoki, and he alone controls these patent rights. Dr. Aoki has licensed Metabolic Industries as the sole company that can grant licenses for metabolic activation therapy. Metabolic Industries also provides the essential training to health care professionals to properly administer metabolic activation therapy. At this time, no one has been licensed or trained by Metabolic Industries to provide metabolic activation therapy in Montana.

An unauthorized clinic can harm a patient in ways other than his or her health. Medical insurers and Medicare can refuse to pay a patient’s bills if a clinic or provider is not legally authorized to provide the therapy. Patients may discover too late that they are personally responsible for paying the full price for treatments. If an insurance company or Medicare has initially paid for one or more treatments and later discovers the clinic was not authorized to provide metabolic activation therapy, the insurer can demand a refund from the patient of whatever amounts the insurer has already paid. By that time, a patient may be obliged to repay a large sum of money, possibly with interest.

The time to check on your health insurance coverage is before you sign up for metabolic activation therapy. Contact your medical insurance company directly, and ask if they cover this therapy. No one but your insurance company can answer that question for you. Do not rely upon verbal promises from others.

Physicians and others who administer metabolic activation therapy without proper licensing and training from Metabolic Industries may be considered accomplices in a fraud and may be subject to criminal penalties.

Please check the NEWS items below for other warnings, including lists of persons and corporations associated with unauthorized clinics in other states and the phone numbers to call for further information.

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